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We can make specials per print or develop products based on Customer applications, Standards: SAE, ASME, Metric


VS Global Source LLC,

VS Global Source LLC is a USA based company, representing engineering related manufacturing and supporting the advanced engineering sector through its R&D, Quality ,Innovative Designs and enhancing the processes for betterment. We are a division of Honjinn Metal and Plastic Co Ltd, China.

We are well known In our Major Markets Such as US & Europe for a Company, that leads the resolution of product Quality, Integrity and Design Issues. We focus and provide a best fit solutions to the existing and the prospective customers’, having issues in the areas of manufacturing, Quality or Delivery with their current supply chain. Our Service Capabilities and offerings are but not limited to, product development to match customer's needs and applications, development of low

quantity precision machined components, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. We at VS Global Source, constantly challenge our own selves to come out with solutions that will help our customers to save cost without compromising quality.We constantly strive to achieve the cost savings to our customers by reducing the wastage and increase the quality of the products through fine-tuning the processes.

We always remain as a engineering and technology driven firm who believes in using Lean & Optimal Manufacturing techniques to achieve the desired goals. Making manufacturing more feasible and reliable with our innovation & Engineering makes VS Global Source an unique company in Class C component supply chain and in Special Fasteners. “Provide your pain we work on turning it as your gain”

Facilities & Equipments



To provide an integral Manufacturing and engineering services.

Engineering Enhancements

  • Product Redesign based on past field failures and feedbacks

Manufacturing and Inventory Management

  • Manufacturing and Production We innovate cost savings in Manufa
    • Manufacturing and Production We innovate cost savings in Manufa
  • Inventory Management
    • We provide Vendor Management Inventory applying lean and JIT Techniques to optimize our supply.
    • We have a policy to share any cost savings with our customers on a recurrent basis and there fore we are living example of continuous process improvement.


Product Engineering Process


Manufacturing Process Improvements